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CapChat – the show that connects you to the faces, voices and stories of CapFam. We help you tap into Capital University's CapFam, the network of thousands working together to help each other succeed.

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    Majors and Careers: Music

    We're back with Season 2! In this episode, we’ll explore the Conservatory of Music with Chad Loughrige, Music Technology professor, Laura Kitchel, Ph.D., of Music Education, and Dan Messersmith, sophomore majoring music technology.

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    ReCap: Season One

    CapChat Season 2 launches in February! As we gear up for Season 2, we decided to smoosh the very best of season 1 into a single episode just for you. From student success tips and demystifying financial aid to life as a student-athlete and the best of Columbus, we’ve crammed our Season 1 favs into about 30 minutes

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    CapFam: A Network of Thousands

    We’re more than 40,000 strong, living, working and contributing to communities across the U.S. and around the world, and we all share a common bond. We’re a family, not a nation. We’re CapFam, and we look out for each other. We’re eager to help because one day not long ago, someone helped us, too. That’s what family does.

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    Capitalizing with Columbus

    With more than 20,000 CapGrads living, working and making our “Capital” city what it is, you won’t have to look far to find the CapFam connection you need.

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    Student Success is a Team Sport (Part 3)

    In the third and final installment of our Student Success series, learn about our Lutheran tradition and how we embrace hope through interfaith growth, appreciation and experiences.

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    Student Success is a Team Sport

    Part 1 of this episode focuses on a couple of our core values – Ethical Stewardship and Open Community.

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    The ROI of Investing in You

    Hear from Susan Kannenwischer, financial aid expert and Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services as she explains why Capital is an affordable option, and why the Capital education is worth it.

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    Life Doesn't Happen on the Sidelines

    Study after study shows the more engaged students are at their university, the more likely they are to graduate and to graduate on time.

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    We Learn Without Boundaries (Continued)

    In this episode, hear from Associate Provost for Experiential Learning Stephanie Gray Wilson, and Chemisty and Biochemistry Senior Ariana Shannon about their experiences and perspective on learning outside the classroom.

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